vylette ([personal profile] vylette) wrote2011-04-14 05:08 pm
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Japan Aid Bag (4 sale)

4 sale : japan aid bag, (i cant upload pic  here wonder why? here's how it looks like >>> http://pics.livejournal.com/vyl_periwinkle/pic/00034sa5/)  part of d proceeds will go to organizations helping japan, price is 250 philippine peso. the design of the bag is exactly what the japanese girl is holding in the pic, the girl and the background is not included (otherwise it will cost more because it has lots of colours lol). if you’re from overseas you may still order, bag price will be 5-6 US$ plus shipping (would depend on where you are, but this wouldn’t cost you more than 15 US$, i haven’t checked forex thats why i can only give estimates for now), i need to give the seller final orders by 11pm saturday (gmt+8) :) payment can be made through bdo or bpi (philippines) or paypal (overseas) :) if interested, kindly reply with your email so i can get in touch with you :) yoroshiku ne ~